Writing a Conclusion of an Essay on Gender Roles in Society

Many students find the conclusion of an essay to be the hardest part of constructing a great essay. In terms of writing an essay on gender roles you need to make sure you have fully defended your thesis statement by providing ample evidence and showing the connections between your main discussion points. The following are some great strategies for writing an excellent conclusion to effectively bring a close to your paper:

  • Echoing the Introduction
    The first strategy is probably the most commonly used for academic writing. It simply asks that you echo the introduction by bringing whichever opening strategy you have used in the beginning and applying it in the final paragraph to bring the entire assignment to full circle. So, if you’ve started the paper with an anecdote you can come back to said anecdote to provide a sense of closure that will leave a long lasting effect on the reader.
  • Challenging the Reader
    When you give the reader a challenging proposition you shift the focus from the gender roles in society essay to their own lives, which is clearly an effective method of leaving a lasting impression. Consider the following, for example, if you bring a call to action to your readers to take a greater position in some local issue concerning gender roles, they will be reminded of your work whenever the issue comes up.
  • Posing a Good Question
    This is an effective method of leaving a great lasting impression on your audience by immediately challenging it to take on a new perspective by thinking critically about a response to your topic and to your immediate question, something which it may have not been thinking about before your conclusion.
  • Looking Towards the Future
    This strategy requires you to take a close hard look at your gender roles essay and offer its importance and significance within your discipline as well as in the audience’s thought process. If you have written a great paper you will have introduced new information to the lives of others and to a greater extent anyone who has the opportunity to read your work.
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