How Do You Craft a Narrative Essay on Gay Marriage?

The 5-paragraph narrative essay is one of the most commonly assignments you will see in high school and throughout the first few years of college. Usually, the assignment requires you to tell a story and preferably something from your own personal experience. In recent years more and more teachers have asked students to write on the subject of gay marriage where students can either speak about a person they know or an experience they’ve witnessed concerning the topic. Here are some simple instructions for crafting a great assignment:

  • Choose a gay marriage essay topic that illustrates a story
    If you have the freedom to write on any topic within the parameters of the assignment prompt, you should try to choose on with plenty of vivid details. You’re trying to write a story within the structure of a five-paragraph academic assignment. But a story should be less formal in structure, so write out some ideas and think about what your reader will find the most interesting.
  • Outline your story before you get started writing the paper
    Keep in mind that you are writing a story. So, where should it start? You can spend some time brainstorming ideas and writing out descriptive scenes, but your story will require some structure. Creating an outline will certainly help keep your work on track.
  • Write the first draft of your story quickly and efficiently
    This is a piece of advice you will hear throughout your academic career. The idea behind writing quickly and efficiently is that you get your best ideas down in one place without having to spend too much time thinking about needing to get the words down perfectly. All of the best writers use this method, so you should take their example and apply it to your own style.
  • Revise, edit and proofread completely before submitting
    If you set your paper aside for a few days before re-reading it, you will find plenty of areas that can be improve tremendously through what is known as revision. Additionally, you should edit and proofread your work to ensure you have written clearly and concisely, without mistakes to grammar, punctuation, or spelling.
  • Check your assignment against a well-written example
    If you have trouble with the assignment you should look for a five paragraph essay example. College instructors will appreciate your preparedness and you’ll be more likely to find quick success when assignments get more difficult to complete. Professional writing services and freelancers are great resources for this, so have a look at what each has to offer and get some quality help.
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