A Selection of Winning Feminist Criticism Essay Topics

Writing a winning feminist criticism essay begins with the selection of a great topic. Your teacher might provide you with a list of suggestions, but if you are looking to make a great impression you should seriously consider one of these which have been developed by academic writing experts:

  1. How has drug use by male athletes affected the way critics will look at a feminist movement essay and found a double-standard in female athletes who have used similar drugs?
  2. How did feminist political and civil rights in the Third Republic of France (1918 – 1940) help the country resist the German military, political, and social offensive launched against Europe?
  3. What are the major challenges facing women from democratic countries who are working against the maltreatment of females in underdeveloped countries around the world?
  4. In what ways are the feminist movements and transitions towards a democratic government in Chile a type of a leading charge amongst other countries in South America?
  5. How pragmatic has feminist criticism been in American History? Consider how many feminist movements have taken a back seat to other important contemporary issues?
  6. Why have there been so few female CEOs, COOs, and other high-ranking officers in most Fortune 500 businesses? Will this change if a female president is elected in the U.S.?
  7. The women’s suffrage movement in the late 19th century started as a demand to prohibit alcohol across the country? How did prohibition lead towards a woman’s right to vote?
  8. Is 21st century feminism still alive in the United States? Consider how so many young women are less inclined to participate in social or political issues despite both affecting their futures?
  9. How is political participation affected by the way women across different generations are active in social and political issues? Consider women in their teens versus women in their 30s?
  10. How is the Feminist movement in Eastern Europe different from similar movements occurring in South America? Do you think militarization of areas affect female participation?
  11. Are women still actively knowledgeable of the major figures and events that occurred during the suffrage movement in the late 19th and early 20th centuries?
  12. In what ways has women’s rights in the United States progressed as a result of the active participation of women? What does this suggest for women moving forward?
  13. What role did women play during the period of expansion in the United States (1870-1929)? How were suffragists able to gain more recognition in social issues as a result of expansion?
  14. How did women help shape today’s two dominant political parties in the United States as a result of their support of candidates soon after they were given the right to vote?
  15. How does women’s involvement in politics inspire a new Feminist movement for the 21st century? What are the most likely outcomes of such a run for presidential candidacy?

These are just a few feminist essay topics you will find when you get assistance from professional academic writing experts. Consider getting even more suggestions in a jiffy by contacting a reliable service.

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