15 Creative College Essay Topics on Feminism

When you are given the freedom to select your own creative college essay topics for your scholarship or admissions applications, it is always a great idea to write about something original and interesting. Think outside of the box, rather than selecting something safe. Remember, you are trying your best to wow readers and stand apart from other applicants. We have come up with some really great creative essay topics on the subject of feminism for you to consider:

  1. How has abortion politics changed since the famous Roe v. Wade Supreme Court case in the United States? Have other countries used this case as a beacon for change?
  2. What are the major risks presented by the political intervention of the United States in areas across Central and Eastern Europe? How do other countries feel about intervention?
  3. In the context of feminist theory and criticism, how do men and women communicate differently with members of the same sex and opposite sex in normal social conditions?
  4. Examine a work by any Elizabethan playwright and explain how women are portrayed. Is there a difference between major and minor characters? Do women move the plot?
  5. What is the primary perspective of women within the literary works of 18th century France? Did this change in any way as a result of the French Revolution that commenced at the end?v
  6. How does being a woman of minority color affect racial and sexist critique – also known as “double jeopardy” – in the business and politics of today’s male-centric world?
  7. Do you think gender should affect the way people vote for presidential candidates? Should people remove gender from all political races and stick with just the policies and issues?
  8. In what ways do democratic movements around the world reflect changes in attitude of women in those affected regions? How do countries with female leaders inspire democracy?
  9. There are several countries around the world that have elected female presidents, prime ministers, and other people of power, but why is it still considered taboo in other parts?
  10. Fashion has often served as a conduit for the continual sexist critique of women around the world. How has fashion been used to reverse this perception in different countries?
  11. In what ways do women face unfair dilemmas when they are expected to balance the life of being a parent or in having a professional career? How does education affect this?
  12. As people are able to use the internet to pretend to be somebody different, how are women suffering from the abuse that some men use to put down women who are uninvolved?
  13. Compare and contrast the major beliefs and movements in feminist history. How have things changed over the centuries as more women have had the power to make their own history?
  14. How are women presented in popular comic books? Is the hyper-sexualized view of these women a form of anti-feminism or is it a form of empowerment for female audiences?
  15. How does the current political race in the United States lead the way for other countries to elect female presidents and prime ministers? How much does success and failure affect opinion?

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